Our History

We started this company as during the 1990’s there were hardly any consultants who had deep and complete knowledge of going to other countries legally for studies abroad and on work and migration opportunities. We have introduced many opportunities through our international contacts at affordable investments.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is the exchange of differing ideas, beliefs, customs and traditions between people with different backgrounds. The objective of our programs are to promote exchanges in order to foster mutual understanding and tolerance of other cultures. By living and working alongside the locals, you will also gain a better appreciation of your culture and also challenge established perceptions.

Our Achievements

Assisted more than 1500 people to migrate permanently to New Zealand.
Introduced the UK and Canada Working Holiday program in India.
Popularised the USA Exchange programs in India and have sent more than 7,000 students and young professionals since 2006.
Introduced the Australian internship program in India.
Introduced the Singapore internship program in India and sent more than 1,000 students and young professionals since 2011.
Set student visa record by assisting a 53 year old person to study in UK, a 52 year old person to study in New Zealand and a 46 year old person to study in New Zealand.

Benefits Of International Work Experience Programs

  • International work experience broadens your horizon, improves intercultural and interpersonal communication skills which contributes in developing personality.
  • Opportunity to apply class room learning to real world working environments while showcasing how one can adapt and work in a foreign environment.
  • Working abroad demonstrates a number of skills such as tenacity, flexibility, responsible risk taking, decision making and resourcefulness. This is one of the reasons why many employers are interested in hiring people who have worked abroad.
  • Provides an excellent platform for global professional networking. This significantly enhances the chances of employment opportunities abroad. Travel is usually a second motive, but quite a nice bonus to see a new country and city and learn from their people and culture.
  • Learn about the latest developments in your field.

Our Services

printed-brochures (1)
Giving accurate guidance through our printed brochures
documents (1)
Guidance with registration process and document collection
screening (1)
Resume (1)
Improving resume and interview preparation
coordinator (1)
Host Company interview coordination
training (1)
Collection of offer letter and training plans
presentation (1)
Pre-departure orientation through presentation and providing handbook
brochure (1)
Visa counseling
visa-application (3)
Guidance for visa application
Arranging (1)
Arranging accommodation
health-insurance (1)
Assisting with health insurance
foreign-country (2)
Support during the stay in the foreign country

Join Our Team

We are creating unique opportunities for Indians to get global experiences through academic and work exchanges. We are very passionate about what we do.

Our team is also well trained, very helpful and friendly to talk to and always looking at ways to make our clients life easier and stress free.

To help us in our mission, we are constantly looking to meet exceptionally talented youngsters to communicate with people face-to-face, market our programs through seminars, through social media and for back-end processing. We encourage creativity and our team strives to be the best in our country. To join our team, please send your resume to md@kareerkrafters.com.