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Migrating to another country is a big step, so you should make sure you should have all the information you need to help you make your decision. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are some of the popular destinations for people looking for a new life. Beautiful cities and countryside, clean healthy lifestyle and multicultural community make them attractive choices for migrants from all over the world. These countries welcome people who will contribute by bringing valuable skills or qualifications to the country, setting up a business or making a financial investment.


STEP 1: Assessment

We will assess your points which will help you decide whether or not it is worth submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

STEP 2: You submit an EOI

Submit an EOI form. In this you will tell IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND about all the factors that will earn you points. It will be checked to ensure that all relevant information has been supplied.


Immigration New Zealand will rank EOI and invite those with the top points to apply for residence.  EOI are pooled and ranked from highest to lowest points. It is not a case of first in, first served. IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND will priorities EOI in terms of the number of points claimed and, selected applicants are invited to lodge an application for residence. If your EOI is not selected from the Pool for the first time, it remains in the Pool for 6 months. If it is still unsuccessful, IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND will inform you that your EOI has been withdrawn from the Pool. You can lodge another EOI if you wish. If no Pool selection of EOI has occurred within the 6 months period that your EOI is in the Pool, it will remain there until such time as a selection from the Pool is made. The selection criteria used for the fortnightly selection made on 3rd October 2012 was as follows:

STEP 4: IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND invites you to apply for residence

If you are successful IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND will send you an official invitation to apply for residence. At this stage you will need to send a completed application with all supporting documents.

STEP 5: Decision-making

IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND will assess your application against Government Residence Policy and look at your ability to settle successfully and make a real contribution to New Zealand’s social and economic development. Depending on how you are able to demonstrate your ability to settle in New Zealand successfully, you may be issued or granted a Residence Visa or you may issued with a Work Visa which enables you to move from work to residence. This will be done by way of a personal interview of all the family members who intend to migrate to New Zealand. If you are granted a Work Visa, it will be for a duration of 9 months. Within this period of 9 months, once you demonstrate that you have a skilled job, you will be able to convert it to a Permanent Residence Visa. Spouse will also get a Work Visa. Children will get free schooling. Children going for university/polytechnic will have to pay international student’s fees till their visas are converted from Work visa to Permanent Residence visa.

STEP 6: Welcome to New Zealand

IMMIGRATION NEW ZEALAND will arrange a Welcome Pack on your arrivals as well as providing you with a contact person who can help you access information you need to help you settle in. On a more formal basis they will follow up with a questionnaire after 3 months, so that they can use your feedback to help future skilled migrants.
Many persons may start wondering it is worth going through this rigmarole. Well, yes it is worth going through this because New Zealand offers good work opportunities and is also a wonderful country to settle in.

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